Women Empowerment

I was moved within, when I saw that scene
of Congolese women on my screen,
raped and damaged for the lust of man
controlled and frightened to fit their plan


And then next day a new documentary
young women sent afar to a promised new life,
and yet waking up solitary
in the sex trade
a business wholly man-made!

Is the answer education
or a new code of morality.
To change the pattern of the nations
to speak to men, to look anew
let go old ways and recognise you,
and your rights!
I see that already one woman fights
has built a sanctuary to protect you
and set her sights
on empowering you with Love and care,
to turn things around, whilst you are there,
take in the Light.

Love my sisters, Love and pride
sent to you from the other side
of this our planet, where woman and man
should have mutual respect  
In the greater plan!