All About Healing

Reiki or Spiritual  Healing and Counselling by an established, professional and caring healer.​

Healing can help you in many ways.​
Sometimes life gets difficult and extra support is needed.​
Healing can be your support! 

You will feel a difference, whether it be​
Physically, Emotionally or Spiritually or all three!

Healing is beneficial for the back, joints, muscles,​
limbs, and internal organs and general well-being.​
​​What happens when I have healing ?
You will be asked if you prefer to sit in a chair or lie down .
You will remain fully clothed, maybe you will be asked to remove shoes and glasses if you wear them.
You will be told how the Healer can either lay hands  lightly on the body or can heal without touching at all.  You will be given the option.
You will have the option of Reiki or Spiritual Healing.  
Both are calm and  help to bring balance and harmony to the body and mind.

What  can I do if I live far away.
You can have distant healing sent to you and you can ask to be entered on to the Healing list.
If you would like to take this option please email your name to  or

Is there a charge involved?
The charge is for the healer's time , not for the actual healing. There is no charge for distant healing
There is a charge of £25 if the healer visits you at home.  There is a charge  of £20  if you visit the healer.

Areas covered, Medway Kent England and surrounding area

How does Healing work?
Healing is always founded in love.   We all have an energy field around us. This is used by the healer, together with energy beyond us, to give the healing.   The healing is not from the healer but is channeled through the healer
Spiritual healing can give you help and upliftment.