Hello, My name is Marion McAulay.
I live in Chatham, Kent, England 

This website is  a reflection of my Spiritual journey.  The hope is that it will be useful to others trying to change their lives and look for deeper meaning.
The Poems have been  inspired by events in my life and by the wonder of the World around.

Please enjoy them.  There is nothing to pay just your time for a short while.  You may find words that resonate with you, when most needed.

This is a work in progress as life changes so rapidly 
Please contact me if you have a question.  I will be pleased to answer.
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EMail:  healing.calm@btinternet.com

Marion McAulay BED Hons
Reiki Master Healer and Trainer
Senior Spiritual Healer and Trainer
E.U Register of complimentary practitioners

Counselling Certification CSCT - Theory and practice