Visit To The Doctor

"Allergic reaction"
He said, quite impassive
But to me the itching
And rash were quite massive.

Sneezing and wheezing, used boxes of tissues
"Something troubling you
Are you worried, Have you issues?"

Inside I was thinking, this is not psychological
Why ask me these questions, to me they are not logical
In my mind, this rash is something to do,
With being in contact with things that harm you.

Could be a chemical, or a man made addition

Been added to food to give this condition!

"You can take , if you like, a histamine pill
But if you feel drowsy or in other ways ill..
Then stop doing that and try this new lotion,
Apply once a day with a massaging motion.
... but if that should irritate, then stop it and seek
More help from your doctor
And come back next week!"

The parallels drawn with life every day
One problem solved brings another your way.

In the end, I suppose we need all our energies
To combat the problems
I suggest natural remedies!