Tugging At The Child In My Heart

I know now that you are there.
All of you who have travelled
Away to that distant plain
Are here and I feel you draw near.
The understanding dawned early one morn,
as I felt that next dimension that works on this plain
beside us, around us whenever we call.
And it is my intention that I will move closer
to hear the words
Of comfort, love and support that wait to be heard.

For that very Love tugged at the child in my heart
Opening my senses to take in the enormity of it all.
No real heaven or hell, this life replicated in a way
Our minds cannot comprehend
Although we say we understand
The answer will only appear at our end!

All we can do is to make every moment count
For this now, is really just the game and the next time
We will surmount this mortal coil to become our own image,
That to us now may seem a Spirit or mirage;

Yet it is the reality
More than we are on this earthly plain.
We reach for understanding to help us through
Making our words and actions count
Compounding the knowledge we have learned
And maybe earned the right
To touch upon that Spirtual love, there always
if we live the learning, keeping Love within our sight.