The Journey

I wandered through the maze of life kicking my feet against the tide
Until forced by illness made to lay and really find what I am inside

There in that space of time and toil, of pain, frustration and lying still
Tranquility and peace evolved to lift my heart and feed my will.


The strength that once I felt I had replaced with inner Love and Light
Gregarious nature changed to find the Peace and calm within my sight.


All I had searched for in my life within my grasp, within my reach
The unquiet mind stilled at last in thought and deed and then in speech.

The pathway led to healing groups to learning many wondrous things
To feeling, knowing joyful thoughts and sensing love that nature brings.


Many friends have come my way some to heal and some to teach
The wonders of a Spiritual way, to Be as one, within my reach.


Discovering the energy there for all if they could see
The beauty of this Light pathway learning to Live and just to be!