The I and The whole

Pen poised over paper, I sat intrigued waiting
For that which was to be
all that which ties you to me, and me to you
In times of love and laughter
In times of joy and pain, that Love will remain

I am one with thee.
Dear Spirit, and of thyself and mine self
I dance the life of Love, Entranced by all I see,
All I feel, All we can be!
Light of Love within and without
There is no shadow, no doubt of your presence.
The verve and the energy, the essence, of whence we came
and where we journey, for thence

The beginning and the destination.

We, the I, the me, the whole,
This creation combining the soul
with love and the sensation
of this life, this being, this seeing
Dear love, dear soul of the all.
Introspection, Observation, Adoration,
Pure elation!