That path is always there

Silent, unmoving yet quietly being.

Sometimes we crawl towards that light

Yet other times fall, as the thought

is lost and we feel it gone from our sight.


Each space that is entered

Gives us a taste of an experience gained

And although we stumble, movement takes place

and our pathway sustained.

When we can no longer see the hope,

The chance of joy and Light,

Our Spirits sink low, we are stopped in our tracks

Then it is difficult coming back.


Keeping the image in our minds

Of the inevitability of passing from this plane,

That very image can be merged

With that unending path that continues on again.

There is no time really, just the space,

That is contained in man's need to label and constrain

and measure, that which cannot be measured,

It is just ordained.

The hope is that we will all see

That at the heart of all experience,

communication, caring and being

Love is all there can be.

That path is always there

That golden light is for all to share

All the Joy, tribulation and strife

The start, middle and ending of every life!