What were your thoughts as you started the car,
packed up with bombs, your jouney not far.
Did small beads of sweat run down your face ?
Did your heart beat faster as your car gathered pace?

Your cause spurred you on , what cause would that be?
Was it based on religion, difficult to see!

Not far to go now, any last minute doubt?
Are you sure you are right? Will this work it all out?

You gather up speed you goal is in sight
One terrific explosion, your body's alight.
Twisted up metal lies all around
You are no longer there, grey ash on the ground

Weeping and anguish, the terrible cries
Of the dying and injured , as they look to the skies.
It is over, it is ended with one great explosion
Causing havoc and death and painful emotion.

You have only succeeded in altering the lives of
mothers, sons, daughters, husbands and wives.

As I talk to you now, I would say your'e naive
If you think by this act you really believe.

That you have achieved with this bomb of your hand

An improvement of life for those in your land.

In the turmoil and carnage, your message was lost
Your goal not achieved at a terrible cost!

As you were my brother, this answer I give
Your quest not to kill, But help others to Live!

Oh people of Turkey, your God hear our prayer
To help conquer hatred, that lies everywhere.
So evident the answer, we need help from above
Stand triumphant in faith and united with Love.