Since You Have Gone

I wanted to touch your jacket
With the warmth of your body within
I wanted to hold out my hand to clasp yours,
feel the strength and your touch on my skin.
I wanted to look in your eyes,
See your vibrant spirit shine out
I wanted you back here with me for a while
To discuss what it is all about.
I wanted to take in your laughter,
To spend time to bathe in your smile
I wanted to talk on the meaning of life
Things we loved, just for a while.
I wanted to pick up the phone
To have daily conversation
But you are not there, you're somewhere else
And it ends in turmoil and frustration.
I am told that you travel beside me
Often I make out your face,
Somehow I cannot 'walk through that wall'
Though your prescence I can always trace.
I wanted to say how I love you,
Please hear what I say from afar
You are missed by us all and ever will be
Love to you wherever you are.
I wanted you always to be here
But I know we depart from this plain,

So wherever you are, hear my words, my dear
Take my love till we meet up again.