An isolated case, for ideals long lost
Had they thought of the pain,
The terrible cost?
Thirty men responsible, for the destruction we saw
Terrorists or freedom fighters,
It matters no more.

For so great a cause, what could it be?
To justify carnage for the whole world to see.

They have gained nothing, in this lost Russian City
Lives rent asunder, feel the World's pity.

Wounded and bleeding, the dead and the dying
Traumatised parents and teachers laying
Amidst wreckage and chaos, noise and explosions
Grief fear and anger and heavy emotions.

Anguished eyes of children, stare at the sky
Unbelieving, unknowing,
Cannot comprehend WHY?

We feel your pain, though helpless we feel
All that we have is our Love sent to heal.
May we find a way forward, for mankind to progress
For Love to mean more and hate to mean less.