Return To Westgate

We loved this place you and me

Came down to Pavs for a nice cup of tea

A stroll on the front some 2 1/2 miles

Conversation sprinkled with laughter and smiles.

There in Margate another short stop

cup of coffee a bun, then a walk round the shops.

Finally back to the Westgate front

Staring out quietly just out of reach

of the children, the noise the sand and the beach.

"Shall we have one more cup"

I remember you'd say

And we would, for we couldn't let hold of this day

Now every time I come to this place

I am pleased when I see you and dad's face

For here on this beach our family held hands

Made castles, deep holes and cars in the sand

I know for sure as I stare at that sea

I will keep coming back
where those memories will be

Feel the laughter, the smiles, the games here together

Held in my heart bound to you here forever.




Written after my mums passing.  We went to Westgate sometimes for a treat and I would push her in her wheelchair. It was great!

Dear dear mum how I miss you, how proud I am of you,
let me be that bright that Loving that feeling!