The Rainbow Walk

Walk gently through a field of red
Let energy and beauty fill your head
Then on to orange marigolds, where folds
of colour and sweet perfume
help you to hear a different tune.

Infuse yourself with the beauty of these
Drift into the yellow, swaying with the breeze.
Treasure this time, for moments such as these
connect you to your mother Earth
let you know your worth!

You find yourselfin a field of green,

gently swaying in between tufts of blue-hued flowers.
While away the hours,

for there waiting for you, a field of flowers pure blue,
the scent enthralls you, the colour too.

Rest awhile on this plane, calm your mind, still your brain
Lose the threads of negative emotion,
Throw off your pain and all commotion.

Then see a truly wondrous show
A field of pure indigo, dusky blue
of early night, merging into violet light.

Calmly fill your mind with peace
Your body balanced, your troubles cease.
You have touched the rainbow's hue
White Light is waiting just for you!