Phone Call At Night

The phone rang at 2.39 at night
Actually, it gave me quite a fright
As it lay on the table next to my bed
and its tones shrilled up and into my head.

A myriad of thoughts ran through my brain
As I answered, apprehensive, almost in pain.
Is it family, a loved one ringing back home,
As I placed my ear tentavively
next to the phone.

But the line went silent, then quite dead
and all that was leftwas my worried head.
For two hours more,
I tried relaxing and calm
To settle me down, to act as a balm
To the turbulent thoughts left there in my brain
I thought it was gone when it crept back again.

One hour later, I rose and made tea
A couple of tablets and biscuits for me

Who wanted to reach us out their in the world
Pressed 1471 NUMBER WITHELD.