Our World

I awoke to a radiant dawn, pink and blue sky over the hill
Heralding the peace of this day, clear, quiet time so still.

And yet at the back of my mind arose thoughts of men at war
with those with skin of a different hue,

different religions wanting more.

Bound in egotistic thoughts rather than Love and Charity
Unable to see beyond the tethers
Of ritual and creed, fear and no clarity.

I shed a tear for the planet,  a wonder in itself, but unseen
By many men of the world who just cling to their dream
Of their own small thoughts, which come to naught
In the whole picture of the scene.

My brothers and sisters of the world, there is no divide
Only what you make inside your own minds, your own creeds
Listen to your conscience consider the World's needs.

From the quiet stillness of this glorious day
I pray that man lives what is true
True to himself to find a better way
True for the World Unfettered by religion and hate
Progressing forward, Free
To form a more peaceful state.