New Years Night

Golden moon reflecting the rays of the sun
beaming around me through the skylight window.
Wrapped around in my covers and shrouded in your beams
I was forced to get up and abandon my dreams.

Cold January night, wind whistling through the rafters
tossing the sound of the wind chimes in the air,
picking up it's laughter.

And now downstairs, a hot cup of tea
Warming, refreshing the Spirit in me!

Abandoning the night and accepting the dawn
I turned on the Christmas tree lights, illuminating the room
and leaving me with a sparkle attached to my sleeve
A thread of Christmas clinging on to times some days gone.

Laying there on the settee, hot tea and biscuits,
the covers enveloping me; A time to peruse and reflect
on the past year; New knowledge, new Joy,
profound Love of my family, return to me here.

If I could see you face to face, could tell you
how wonderful this space of my life has become.
For having been touched with the excellent glimmer
of Energy's Light, I live, knowing I am one.