My pen halts at the top of the page

As I tussle inside to find the

sage of wisdom we all have, yet hide.

I read so much of light and keeping

your own, letting it shine and overcome

In order that we do not succumb to 

the overwhelming pressures of this life,

This strife; Yet this beauty that

Also overwhelms and keeps the balance 

Where it should be, there dear Spirit

In that place, we can feel we are really free.


Sometimes looking into the light hurts

It becomes too much for the eyes

And they weep for forgotten times

They weep for the joy that lies buried 

Inside awaiting that very light


This healing love, awakening joy

Rebirthing energy to stride a pathway

I hold my hands out with humility

And Love,  for the light finds me

To cleanse and heal and bring a smile

Finding that spirit that waits

Through every trial, to remind me 

Of this beautiful, wonderful joy