Last Journey To Madrid

Early Morning Goodbyes. school, work, early train
Just made it in time, same carriage again.
A schoolgirl, two lovers, city men with computers
Some working, some talking, Monday's Spanish commuters.

Who noticed just one unwieldy pack, left by a man,

high up in the rack
It was heavy, he was helped by a passenger close by
Did he see the kind smile, did he look in his eye?

For he knew that his neighbours on this very train

Would never be travelling to Madrid again.

One last quiet minute before the bomb's blast
Ripped through the carriage, the die had been cast.

Many lay dead would any survive?
Midst the carnage and hell, a few were alive.

Meanwhile, you ran off, left the others to pay
A terrible price For your action today.
What could be your protest? what could you achieve?
How dare you play God, and leave man to grieve.

Madrid you now mourn, your beautiful City
Now the subject of news and a world full of Pity.
This isn't enough to help you in mourning
We all have to heed this terrible warning.

Bad men do not cease , if good men do nothing
Fight for the Peace and share in the Loving


People of Spain, do not let them win
Hold onto your priniciples through thick and thin.

Hold out your hands for peace from above
God please hear this prayer for humility and Love