Journey Outwards

Beyond the reeds, on the far horizon,
The edge of the land;
And here on this small island the boundaries small
It helped me to understand.

For our particular world becomes very small
but we enlarge and expand it by pushing our imagination
And making a creation
of a greater area and depth than is true.

I quite prefer the dream, pushing out, with the waves lapping here but could be anywhere.
In seconds transported to the coast or a mountain lake
Somewhere quiet and sensual, where all senses are enlivened.

Expanded to another plain and I travel there again
To make my own world large enough to encompass so much more.

If we are able to transcend this place,
Our earthly spot, our home
Then we are able to roam on this land
Wherever we choose
whilst we do not lose sight of where we really are.

We can travel afar, maybe transcend this realm
To merge with other dimensions
And that is my intention;

Whilst the twirling golden energy whirls around me
I travel and try hard to see
All that is there to be shown to me