Have I Walked This Way Before?

Have I walked this way before, felt the gentle summer breeze
As it drifted through the grass,  danced and fluttered in the trees.
Have I felt the summer sun cast a spell upon my face,
Lighting up my very being, moving up my every pace;

Have I felt the rain's soft kiss sprinkled down from clouds on high
Changing colours all around, Springing rainbows in the sky.
Have I touched the dew of morning,
clothed in Autumn's misty light
Felt the changing colours of nature, re-clothed for Winter's might.
Have I felt the cold crisp snowflake,
dredging paths along the way
Viewed the changing shapes and forms as winter holds its sway.
Have I sensed that surge of warmth, that feeling of new birth
As Spring comes bursting forth awakening nature from the earth.
I have walked this way before sensed how Nature has to give
Taken succour from her seasons
And enhanced my Joy to live!