To a Grandson - 14th Birthday

I honour you, your Spirit is free
Although tied to the constraints
Of everyday life, with peer group pressure
And all that entails, deep inside
You have to be, whom you really are
To get the measure of all around you
To be truly free!

Given the choice between all that is expected of you..
Search for that which is true,
For once that goal is reached
The problems you encounter
Will be breached, as respect for yourself
Quickly expands on and on
When the daily grind and troubles
Are long since gone!

Dear man, yet child, we have
To search for whom we really are
It takes many years
And experiences for us to gain in confidence
Turn our back on our fears…
To find the right way just for us…

So my dear, you whom are loved so much
Just be true to yourself
The rest will settle into place
As you experience all that awaits you

In this human race!