Feeling Unwell


I was feeling unwell,
Confined to My Bed
I didn’t care tuppence
What anyone said.

I just wanted the dark
The quiet and the Peace
For the headache to go
And stomach pains to cease.

Next day, enthusiasm
Was difficult to find
So I sat on the settee
With pillows behind, 
Wiled away the day
No deep thoughts or real issues
As I sipped at the water
And reached for the tissues.

Third day, get dressed
The pain had subsided
But energy was low
And my will was divided
Between going to work
Although not feeling well
Or having one more day off
In this small unwell spell!

I am now at home in the p.m. of the day
Feeling much better
Blues driven away.
The sky is clear blue
The horizon bright
I will be back to normal
After tonight!