A crumpled heap against the night,

my world spread close around the floor
Blankets, boxes, polythene bags, my bed,
against the old shop door.

Each night I am the same as you,
As day and night merge in my dreams
I may be cold and hungry too
But nothing is just what it seems.
I too once walked along this road,
Security, and not a care
But somehow that all slipped away,
crept up before I was aware.
Family  have disappeared
The good life turned to one of drink
And step by step, day in day out
My hopes and life began to sink
This is where I am right now,
my outstretched hand held close to you
I beg for help, just your loose change,
help me to see this one day through.

Have I the strength, to turn the tide
To have the dream, and cease to roam
To come back to the life I knew
Before I found this shopfront home.
Night gathers in, and air cools down,
the darkness hovers from above
I know now, there may be a way,
if I can give and take of Love!