Day on The Beach

Into this postcard scene, we walked in disarray
various polythene bags, towels
and a picnic to fulfill our day.
The usual tranquil sand
furrowed and troubled by
The strength and roll of a band
Of waves angrily slapping the beach
Then retreating fast out of reach.
...or so we thought

As we brought down our towels, bags, shoes and hats
And sat facing the turbulent sea.

But it wasn't to be
For with one extra roar
the waves rolled up even more
captured our shoes and bags
rolled them down the sand and left us wet.

Well it caused a laugh for those watching
And on their behalf
I would have laughed too
For we did look funny  me and you!


Finally resting out of reach
Of the edge of the wave,
We made our small spot
curtained by the palm trees, and
the waste bin, we sat and gave in to the day

Then the sea called with a furious energy,
beating in time in a curious synergy
with the air and the ground.
We few, brave enough to stand the flow
Stood and let the waves go
between our toes, holding each other fast
trying to keep on our feet
And make the moment last

But it was too strong and it was not long

Before we slumped to the ground
Our hands leaving trails in the sand
The spray twirling around.

Dried off and exhilerated, in the noon heat of the day

We found our way, not very far
To a local cafe bar.
Here we ate the local cuisine, a glass of Rioja in between
And that was enough.
Refreshed we were ready to return again

To our special spot on the beach
Nerja in Spain