Dawn And Man

The sun sulked behind the clouds,
unwilling to show its face.
Yet dawn oe'r took its wishes and
its beams spread out to trace
the lines of cosmic energy.
There from the source of time
In one frenetic synergy.

Despite itself the sky cleared,
grey synthesised with golden light,
space filled with bird's morning call.
Leaves greeted dawn within their sight
and caressed their mother plants
in a gentle morning dance.

Man awoke, as since the start of time
took the stillness, lifted the pace
Injected the frenzy of his Human race into the calm.
Sometimes hopeful, sometimes still
affecting life with his free will.

Noise and bustle fill the space
traffic passing endless stream
of vehicles insinuating noise upon this scene;
And yet, the backdrop, sky to ground
Steadfast and tranquil all around!