Cricket On The Beach


"Get the ball and the bat

the stumps and my hat,

I’ll mark out the pitch!

Move those stones then

Smooth that ditch"


Two sides were chosen

Mums, brothers and dads

Soon it attracted a group

Of a mixture of lads


"Can we play?" one said

"Of course, two on each side"

The next ball was hurled

"No ball, it’s a wide!"


"They are playing quite seriously"

I said to my son,

The competitive element

had reached everyone.


Yet after one hour

And two innings each

Energy was waning

Winning post out of reach.


The game ended soon

Some left, others hovered

While we decided what’s next

And whether we were bothered

To dig a huge castle

To hold back the sea

Or lay back on the beach 

and wait for our tea!