I was knocked askance,
Didn't stand a chance
Of escaping the crash of the jeep
against car.
I sat quite still
Breathing deeply, inhaling
To stop me feeling so ill,
 I came to terms with the notion
That here I was in an ocean
Of metal and noise.
But the breathing had helped
Acted as a balm,
Helped me to stay calm
While emotions were flying.
Later I acted as normal
Carried on working and trying
To keep my wheel spinning
To think I was winning the battle
But it all was untrue
I was really quite blue!
Then you came, understood,
Saw the trees, not the wood
Honoured me with your healing,
Which sent my thoughts reeling
and turning, and tears came from nowhere
As my heart felt like burning.
Joy returned at that point.
I knew a release had begun
I could now face the sun in my usual way
With excitement and hope for the day.

With energy anew