Losing The Way

Are we losing the way
can we still hear and speak and say
with certainty we know where we are going?
Has the plot been lost, true values clouded at the cost
of our own truth.
As storms rage in parts of our planet,
and winter's cage of snow and ice cover other parts,
do we have time to reflect?
To detect the inner patterns of life, as it twirls and twists,
yet ever keeps moving on
long after each of our lives has gone.

Maybe a time to relook at that which we have,
to recharge the inner spirit within us all.
For we know when we face ourselves, we feel the call
to move forward with a different plan, where a flow
of Love is felt betwixt man to man,
whatever colour or creed.
Then progress, forsaking avarice to heed the greatness of
Each individual woman and man
Acknowledge that which all have
to give to the collective energy.
Work towards the synergy of that composite thought,
of finding the way best suited to the all,
not the one, for there we fall back into our old ways,
survival of the fittest, the richest!

The thought that together we can change the course,
not feel the remorse we have, when we see the pain
time and again, flashed across our screens.
So it seems, peace, love and giving,
the answers to help us all
to keep on truly living on our own pathway
We have it within us and
We will find our way!