Another Drink




"No, I dont want one,  a soda for me"

"Go on, only one

We're all drinking

Can't you see?"



"Alright, just the one

I'll have one small beer"

"Great, It's okay

There's nothing to fear!"



"Follow that up

just one glass of wine,

We are all having one

And there's plenty of time"



This is good, I feel great

Such a wonderful crowd

So many laughs

But it seems very loud!



"Are you driving?"

"Not now, quick get on my phone

I am feeling quite ill

And I need to get home!"



Next day I was wakened

"Get out of the bed

You are late for your work"

"I cant, its my head!"



And that was what happened

I lost the whole day

Not only that

I had spent all my pay!