A Full Day

I love the way the hilltop makes
A crisp black line against the night
I love the way the moon turns gold
As it slips behind the clouds from sight
I love the way stars disappear
As light filtrates the early morn
The trees outlined against the sky
On guard to watch a new day dawn.



I love the way the morning sun
Greets the earth with outstretched ray
Releasing energy anew
Preparing us for this new day.
I love the way the earth responds
Opening blooms and birds in flight
All acting as a catalyst
For 'man' to start the day in 'light'.

I love the way the day moves on
Continuous circle going round
As hours pass, the brightness fades
The Western sun sinks to the ground.
I love the way stillness returns
The twilight slips to night's array
Sparkling stars and silvery moon
The climax of this wondrous day!