All of my life I have been searching for thee
May my eyes be open , the truth I may see.
Give me a reason for life's joyous task
I hold out my hands
And simply I ask
Simply I ask

All of my life has been wondrous to me
Glories of nature, true life there to see
Love is the answer I know the reply
Open your heart and
You will know why
You will know why

Let me give love , that does not count the cost
Reach out to touch where all hope may be lost
Here is my heart, love given to thee
Relaying to others so
They too will see
See Truth of thee

A great tie of warmth, that encircles the land
Silent majority touch hand to hand
Hard though it seems at the end of the day
Love is the reason
The only way
The only way

All of my life I've been searching for thee
My eyes are open and now